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Studying your product!

We will take our time studying every thing about your product, we need to understand about your product's status, and popularity, finding out your product's current position in the market compared to your competitors will provide enough information for discussing our plans with you.

After a complete study our marketing planners will present you an advertising package (compaign) plan which will include, cover obstacles, present solutions, package prices, time table, and a follow up to do's list.

in the studying process we check the popularity of your product through various sources, such as google, msn, yahoo, social engines (facebook, twitter) and more. if your product is availabe online for more than two years we can also conduct some quick human surveys, which in this case it will take upto 30 days to complete a minimum of 15 short surveys.

Next up: Planning!
Right now is a good time to let our marketing team know about your product information please send your thoughts to info@ellanha.com

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Website Owners: You can Earn and join our network by sending an email to info@ellanha.com